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Okay I decided that, since I actually do have commissions up, that I actually post the prices and such.

I take payment through Pay-Pal, note me if you want a commission.

:star:General Commissions-

What you want drawn (one character)

Head- $2 +$1 for each extra character
Bust- $4 +$2 for each extra character
Hips up- $6 +$3 for each extra character
Full body- $8 +$4 for each extra character
Chibi (full body)- $5 +2.5 for each extra character

How I draw it-

Sketch- +2
Lineart- +4

How I color it-

Color flats- +1
B/W shading- +2
Cell/simple soft shading- +3
Complex painted/cell/soft shading- +6
Painting (no lineart)- +10

Add-ons- (background also includes foreground)

Text- +.50 (although neccesary for comic book covers)
Pattern background- +1.50
Simple, sketchy background- +2
background with lineart and flat colors- +4
Background with lineart and cell/simple soft shading- +5
Background with lineart and complex painted/cell/soft shading- +7
Painted background- +9


These are large animated pictures. Their base prices are based off of the

General Commissions prices. These include journal dolls.

Simple Animation (blinking, bouncing, hair twitch/blow, etc.)- +3

Complex Animation (running, jumping, any large amount of arm/leg movement,

etc.)- +6

Example of how this would be added up-

Say I want a Chibi with lineart, flat colors, cell shading and a pattern background. It would be like-

Base Price- Chibi- $5
+$4 (lineart)
+$1 (flat colors)
+$3 (cell shading)
+$1.50 (pattern background)
$14.50 for the Total

Say you want it to blink and smile (as in animation), it would be-

Base Price- Chibi- $5
+$4 (lineart)
+$1 (flat colors)
+$3 (cell shading)
+$1.50 (pattern background)
+$3 (simple animation)
$17.50 for the Total

:star:Comic Commissions-

You give me a basic idea or script (if you have a script or story that most

peferable) No script- +2.50 for me to write one

I do covers for comics based on the General Commissions prices.

B/W Comic Strip (one)- $10 +2.50 for shading

Color Comic Strip (one)- $15 +2.50 for shading

B/W Comic page (one)- $20 +5 for shading
For each extra page it's +10 (over 3 pages it's only +6 for each page!)

Color comic page (one)- $30 +5 for shading
For each extra page it's +15 (over 3 pages it's only +9 for each page!)

:star:Avatar commissions-

With these I can do one by making a completely new art, or I can use a pre

-existing picture of yours or someone else's (used with permission) by

overlaying animated text, animations, or making it animated

Simple, non-pixel drawn 50x50 avatar- $2
Pixel avatar (shaded)- $4
Avatar made with pre-existing picture- $1.50 for text (glowing, flashing)

and border $2 for animation overlay $3 for making it into an animation

Simple movement (blinking, bouncing, hair twitch/blow, etc.)- +1
Complex movement (running, jumping, any large amount of arm/leg movement,

etc.)- +2.50

:star:Character Design Commission-

$13 for one character, each extra ordered at the same time is $6. This is a

linearted picture with flat colors.

You give me a basic idea of a design, whether extremely specific or barely

any sort of guideline. I do not care whether it is specific or not. If you

want me to have leeway that's great, if not I can do that too. I want to

draw what you want.

Example of a Character Design Commission-

Pretty specific-
"I want a wolf character with black fur and a dark red under belly. I also

want a dark gray pattern on the wolf, which doesn't matter much besides the

fact that my favorite patterns are stripes, spots, or hearts. I want silver

metal accessories, but no things like leg warmers or piercings. Also I want

the tongue and paw pads to be any color but white, pink or orange."

Not specific-
"I want a Happy Tree Friends character, species doesn't matter but I want

it to be female."

:star:Character Reference Sheet Commission-

*Note- You can substitute the basic character design picture (one linearted

picture with flat colors) for a full reference. You still have to pay for a

full reference though.

Linearted pictures, flat colors, and a patterned background- $20
Each extra ordered at the same time is +$12.

This has to be with an existing character or with one that I designed for

you. This includes-

-Their Name

-About the character, Likes/Dislikes (you must give me text for this, I

don't know your character)

-Color Drops- These have the exact color along with the part they are for

written out next to them. They can be circles or shapes like clouds, paws,

lightning bolts, flowers.

-Accessories- This a picture list of the characters accessories

-Paws, Eyes, Tongue reference- For animal-like characters, paws, but eyes

and tongue is for all characters.

-A front and back or side and side view of the character- Front/back for

humans and anthro-animals, side/side for feral animals

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